“First of all, among all worldly things there is nothing which seems worthy to be preferred to friendship. Friendship unites good men and preserves and promotes virtue. Friendship is needed by all men in whatsoever occupations they engage. In prosperity it does not thrust itself unwanted upon us, nor does it desert us in adversity. It is what brings with it the greatest delight, to such an extent that all that pleases is changed to weariness when friends are absent, and all difficult things are made easy and as nothing by love.”

St. Thomas Aquinas

In the midst of an increasingly secular culture, young people face more and more difficulty living out the faith in their lives.  In fact, a 2018 study found that people stopped identifying as Catholics at a median age of 13.  The best way to combat this struggle is through genuine faith in the Christ’s Church and relationships that revolve around it.  Only through these things can young people remain steadfast in the teachings of Christ.  

The St. Ignatius Youth Group meets in the Frassati Center each Sunday after the 5:30 p.m. Mass for dinner, talks/small groups, and activities. Additionally, we offer several retreats each year, an annual summer mission trip, and other more frequent service projects.   

All high school students are welcome to join us (Catholic or non-Catholic).

For more information, please reach out to Scott Boylan at boylans@stignatius.org.