Parish Acquires Antique Baptismal Font

St. Ignatius has purchased an antique marble Baptismal font for the new church.

Rick Lair of King Richard’s Liturgical recently purchased the century-old font and altar from a church that had closed in New Mexico. He knew that it was manufactured by DaPrado of Chicago, the same company that made the altar and altarpiece that St. Ignatius obtained from St. Joseph Church in Mobile. They are of the same style and era as the St. Joseph pieces. He immediately contacted us for our consideration.

The font was originally purchased for Holy Trinity Catholic Church located in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Holy Trinity was built in 1889 and was closed and demolished in 1980. Their marble altar and Baptismal font were later acquired by a church in New Mexico. Subsequently, that church also closed.

When the font was installed in New Mexico, the stand was put in upside down! Note the upside down arches and capitals.

King Richard’s will remove the partition in the bowl of the font and install a new water basin. We look forward to putting the font to good use in the new church!