Meet Philip Ison, RCIA Candidate

Our candidates will finally be received into full communion this Sunday at 12 noon. Please continue to pray for all of our new families.

Philip Ison

  • Confirmation Saint: Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Connection to Saint Ignatius: I was baptized by Father Shields at St. Ignatius 32 years ago, and Father Shields also married my wife and me last year.
  • What are you looking forward to most about becoming Catholic: continuing to grow my faith and practicing Catholic traditions with family
  • Favorite new Catholic prayer: The Hail Mary and Glory Be
  • Something you hope to learn more about: The Catechism and Eucharist
  • Biggest challenge of the quarantine: Accepting the changes of the ‘new normal’ while being separated from family & friends
  • What helped you survive the quarantine: Spending extra time in the outdoors