Meet Stacy Cummings, RCIA Candidate

Pray for our RCIA candidates!

Stacy Cummings

Fun Fact: Stacy’s sons, Miles and Marshall, will also receive their First Holy Communion and be received into the church, along with their mom! Please pray for the whole family!

  • Confirmation Saint: St. Christopher
  • Connection to St. Ignatius: My husband, Marl, went to St. Ignatius growing up through 8th grade
  • Looking forward to most about becoming Catholic: Receiving Holy Communion!
  • Favorite new Catholic prayer: Prayer to My Guardian Angel
  • Something you hope to learn more about: the Saints
  • Biggest challenge of the quarantine: Not seeing our people! We have really missed everyone .
  • What helped you survive the quarantine: It has been nice not having so many distractions and being able to slow down and spend more time together as a family.