Church Construction Update: Underground Air Conditioning Ducts

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Here is a construction update on the work in progress by James B. Donaghey Inc. Mechanical Contractors in the Installation of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating Air Conditioning) and Plumbing with the General Contractor: Ben M. Radcliff Construction.

Our new church will be equipped with a unique Air Conditioning system of Underground Ductwork called BLUE-DUCT. The BLUE-DUCT will transfer the air flow from (3) new Air Conditioning Package Units.

This (HVAC) Air Conditioning system was designed by Matt Young & Associates (Mechanical Engineer) for Quina Grundhoefer Architects.

Pictures show the work in progress and how extensive the site work/excavation is required to be to install the BLUE DUCT. When completed the BLUE DUCT will be 12 feet below the finished floor of the church after the church concrete slab is poured. Churches have unique heating and cooling needs, and the HVAC system must respond quickly to accommodate a large congregation of people within a short period of time. To meet this and other requirements, we needed to combine innovative technology without impacting the beauty of the architecture.

The Church Cooling/Heating will be provided from (3) Air Conditioning units and the BLUE DUCT underground ductwork provides the air supply to the floor diffusers.

Joe Vallé, Donaghey Mechanical Contractors