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Parish Hall

“Everyone can find a reason to walk into the Parish Hall and participate. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a space where we don’t have to limit the number of people who can attend? A Parish Hall is a universal need for all parishioners, young or old, new parishioner or third-generation, donut eater or person looking to grow in their faith.” Steve Beatty, parishioner, school parent, Men of St. Joseph member, and pancake breakfast lover

How have we survived this long without a Parish Hall? A Parish Hall offers parishioners of every generation a meeting place for ministry, education, and celebration. Our Parish Hall will be designed to host wedding receptions, funeral visitations, hospitality events, school functions, and large bible study groups, as well as offer meeting space for our parish ministries. The parish hall will have meeting space for small and large groups.

Building Something Beautiful for God Capital Campaign II funds will allow us to:
1. Provide a meeting space for our parish to gather as a community
2. Provide a beautiful space for our parishioners to come together in celebration
3. Provide an education space for parishioners to enrich their faith and prepare for ministry