Why I support the campaign ...

“Our weekly theme is, “At our Church, we are building something beautiful for God.” This is indeed true. Our parish has made a bold and unified decision to glorify God through our capital campaign. However, we are also the beneficiaries of this campaign through a more vibrant, dynamic and sacrificial parish. I do not look at our new Church and think that the capital campaign has been a burden in any sense. I look at our new Church and feel privileged that I was afforded the opportunity to be part of this historic effort to strengthen our parish community and to inspire future generations of Catholics in Mobile to go forth to love and to serve the Lord and one another.” -- Bradley Sanders

“Our priests and clergy have supported and provided so much towards our family‘s spiritual journey, it is a privilege to be able to give back to our future and retired clergy through Generations of Faith.” -- Kerri and Wes Cooke

“The Lord is going to so bless all of us with our new magnificent church – WE CANNOT WAIT – but also exciting is the idea of having a terrific Parish Hall. We have so needed a large, nice space to enhance and enrich our communal activities (receptions, funerals, missions, and so much more). Thanks to all for making it happen.” --Gale and BT Roberts

“Our new church is truly “Something Beautiful for God,” blending sacred treasures from generations past at St. Joseph’s with the faithful stewardship of St. Ignatius parishioners today. It is a reminder that despite the challenges our faith may face today, it has survived more than 2,000 years and challenges us to spread the “Good News” for the future. The commitment to youth ministry and Catholic education in our Building Something Beautiful for God campaign, combined with the emphasis on Youth Ministry and Seminarian education in the Archdiocesan Generations of Faith Campaign are essential in strengthening the foundation of our Church for the future and spreading the Gospel for generations to come.” -- Susan and Dick Duffey

“As the parents of two priests, we have witnessed the importance of the cycle of vocations. Young people must have access to good priests, most tangibly through Catholic schools and youth ministry, if they are to ever contemplate a calling to the priesthood or religious life. St. Ignatius’ present Capital Campaign addresses both the needs of the school, the parish’s largest ministry, and youth ministry programs, as well as providing for seminarian education and priests’ retirement through the Archdiocesan Generations of Faith Campaign.” -- Kirby and Deneen Plessala

“Now that we are in Phase II of the Capital Campaign, the vision continues to inspire all of us that we are providing our parish community a solid spiritual foundation not only through our beautiful new church but also through much-needed educational facilities. Our Catholic youth are the future of our Church and their development must be sustained to evangelize our faith in the years to come.” -- Mary Ann & Ron McConnell

“Our participation in the Capital Campaign II is our opportunity to bring the kingdom of God to our community. As a young family, we were blessed to have the caring and faith-filled teachers at St. Ignatius to care for and educate our girls. Our family benefited from the generosity and vision of previous St. Ignatius parishioners who did not see the abundant fruits of their gifts. By helping to build the Early Learning Center and the renovations to the Middle School, we ensure that their legacy of selfless giving continues to make His kingdom come for many generations.” -- Susan and Tom Powers

“Our new church is truly something beautiful for God and inspires us all to sacred worship. Completing the Master Plan for our church and school will magnify this capacity to serve God by meeting the needs of parishioners of every age. The planned buildings which include an early learning center, a new middle school, a building for youth ministry and a Parish Hall will foster worship in all aspects of parish life. Contributing to the Generations of Faith, part of Capital Campaign II, is another great opportunity to worship God by supporting the ministry of our priests and the education of young people in the faith.” -- Annette Carwie

“I joined St. Ignatius eleven years ago, moving from another state and knowing no one in Mobile. This community of faith showed me the love and mercy of our Lord, Jesus, welcoming me, accompanying me through difficulties and helping me grow in faith. My children received a great education here, and their Catholic faith formation, from pre-school through the high school youth ministry program, has been truly outstanding. I am immensely grateful to God for bringing me to St. Ignatius. We are blessed to have such a vibrant parish, but let’s not take our blessings for granted! I’m enthusiastically participating in the Building Something Beautiful for God Capital Campaign II. I know the improvements to the Early Learning Center, Middle School and Youth Center will help bring the gospel message to more families who desperately need it, so that St. Ignatius can “...go out to all the world and tell the Good News.” (Mk 16:15 )” -- Mary Galla

“St. Ignatius has given so much to our family over the years, that we are participating in the capital campaign to give back and see St. Ignatius continue to excel. Our families at St. Ignatius thrive on building community and relationships with each other so we are especially excited for a new parish hall! It would be so wonderful to have a place to gather and have fellowship after church and school events such as 1st Communion and graduation, a place to have fish fries during Lent, a venue for wedding receptions, and a place for our parish members to be with each other after funerals. We are eager to see the growth on campus, and the many blessings that our families will receive from participating in the campaign.” -- Luke and Stacey O’Neil