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Middle School

“Our middle school is a hidden gem where our students receive an education that is grounded in faith. It is a place of learning and preparation in both education and faith. I am so proud of the quality of St. Ignatius School that I enrolled my own, previously homeschooled, children. I didn’t want them to miss all the amazing things that happen in our school on a daily basis.” Caroline McDonald, Middle School Teacher and Parent

Why do middle-schoolers need their own building? Preparing our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students for high school and youth ministry has always been a priority at St. Ignatius. Monies raised by the Building Something Beautiful for God Capital Campaign II will fund the renovation of both floors of the Middle School Building so that sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will share a single facility. Middle School improvements include a redesign of our science facilities so that our science lab will be located in the science classroom. Students will be able to move freely from lecture to lab without changing locations, allowing a more hands-on approach to science learning. With all three grades in one building, we are better able to offer our middle school students a curriculum and program that focuses on preparation for high school.

Building Something Beautiful for God Capital Campaign II funds will allow us to:
1. Upgrade our middle school to meet 21 st century standards
2. Instill in our middle school students the value of leadership in the Catholic faith
3. Prepare our middle schoolers for the demands of high school and college education